An Unusual Career Can Make Your Usual Day (and Help You To Earn More Too!)

Sep 01

The American writer Mark Twain once commented “Spend all day doing something you like, because then it isn’t a job.” In this day and age, when jobs are harder to come by, this is probably truer than ever before. It is no wonder that people are using services such as so they can get a leg up on their career prospects, making sure that their applications get a good look at.

We all need to find different things to keep us happy sooner or later because doing something that just isn’t you, is going to affect your performance and satisfaction. Sometimes it can be all about finding satisfaction in helping other people. Perhaps you’ve already had a successful career and you want to pass the knowledge forward. Well, there’s career paths for that too. You could apply for an in person coaching training program and become a professional guide or mentor in the preferred field of your choice. What we’re trying to say is, there is no shortage of careers at any stage in your life. It’s an expanding horizon.

It’s also a rapidly-changing world out there with many new influences on how we live our lives. This means there are new and exciting opportunities for smart people which can be learned about in detail by opting for career counselling toronto or elsewhere. Such opportunities can pay them well, give them artistic freedom be fun to pursue.

What could be more ideal than doing a job you love, and getting paid more than the average Joe for it?

So, here are a few ideas that might be a little different than conventional work choices, but can help to earn you a good little fortune.

Fix The Need

It’s a busy world out there and all sorts of people need all sorts of help.

Take taking photographs for example. From nature photography, to weddings, birthdays, events and styling, even professional headshots, being a freelance photographer is great way to earn a decent wage.

The range of starting salaries for a freelance photographer can be anywhere between 8,000 and 20,000, with typical salaries at age 40 between 25,000 and 50,000.

Are you someone with a dab-hand at DIY? Then why don’t you use your skills to help out others with duties around the house. Being a painter or decorator is a great way to earn some extra cash. With a typical wage of around 9.50 – 17.50 an hour, you have the ability to be your own boss and get the added of luxury of working in a range of different environments. Surely it beats sitting in the office chair everyday?

Test The Best

The stuff we all love to indulge ourselves in has to be tested and that means someone has to do it.

Which is why there are jobs out there for chocolate tasters, beer tasters, perfume testers, portable appliance testers and even, pet food tasters.

You could earn up to 10 an hour testing things you love. It all just depends on your taste…

A Little Extra

Ever thought about being an actor? If you like the thought of being part of the crowd in a big movie scene, studios are always on the look out for passers-by, groupies and clubbers (and everything else) to supply film and television.

“Extra” work is a great way to have fun, and earn yourself a decent wage as you go.

However, get it right and you could earn yourself between 70 and 130 a day.

The key to earning the top-end figure? Look like someone more expensive than you – ie. A top earning movie super star. Why? Because in this business, it pays to have a “look”. If you’ve been told you look a little like Brad Pitt or maybe Kate Winslet, you could earn yourself big-bucks as a body double.

So, How To Find An Alternative Career?

Finding jobs such as these is simple. Whether you’re looking for a new and exciting job locally, or even looking to start a new career in a new location, searching on jobs boards is the easiest way to do so.

By searching by location, for example, ‘jobs in Peterborough’, allows you to find a comprehensive list of the many different jobs available within your area, which can all be refined by keyword and position-type. Who knows, your fabulous new career might just be around the corner!

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced careers writer. Ella specialises in providing jobs advice for individuals.