Affordable Ways to Pimp Your Flat

Nov 08

If you have just left home for the first time, there can be lots of worries and things to consider. But whether you are leaving home to go to Uni or you are starting your first job away from home, there is one thing that everyone has to worry about – how cool your house is!

Though lots of us often had our own bedrooms when we were growing up, getting your own place offers the chance to truly express yourself. Rather than your boyband posters stopping once you leave your bedroom, why not have them follow you all the way down the stairs? That kind of thing…

For the purpose of our highly valued readers, we have compiled the most affordable ways to put your own stamp on your new house in an original and quirky way.


Obviously if you have a landlord you should probably clear up whether they are happy with you doing this, but if you own the place, what’s stopping you!? Designate one, maybe two walls of your lounge or bedroom to the wandering creative whims of you and your friends. We recommend you don’t do EVERY wall as then it might start looking a bit TOO much like a crack-den. And that’s not cool. You may not think this is a particularly good idea because either a) you suck at doing anything creative b) your friends suck at doing anything creative. WRONG. Who cares!? That wall can become a living, ever-changing shrine to the people most important in your life. You could pay millions to have an ‘artist’s’ masterpiece on your wall, but the thoughts, jokes and musings of your friends is truly priceless. In fact, it is just very cheap. Supply some paints and chalk and watch as the wall becomes a scrap-book of your life

Get a Rug

BOOORRRRIINNNNGG. Nope, you’re wrong I’m afraid. Rugs have always been the thinking person’s secret weapon against neutral colour schemes. Cheap, versatile, easy to clean, portable, soft on your tootsies – the list of benefits goes on and on. Stick a rug in front of the TV or hang it on the wall; unlike wall-to-wall carpet, a good rug is often the defining feature of a room. Having said that, it may also be necessary to clean these on a regular basis to keep them as new as possible. If you don’t have the time or energy to do the same, you could get the help of a carpet cleaning service (learn more here). This way, you can make sure that all of them are clean, especially when you’ve any guests coming to your home. If you’re interested in interior decor, getting a rug could make a huge difference to your room. That said, if you live in the South East and budget is less of an issue there is an incredible london rug shop called Bazaar Velvet – but if you are after something for a little less places like Ikea and Habitat always have something good.


It doesn’t matter how tastefully you have decorated your house – if it’s too dark or too bright it is no good. Lighting is an incredibly important factor to consider when you are decorating your own home. For example, a fun neon sign from a lighting manufacturer such as Neon Mama could be the perfect way to add a touch of personality! Nowadays, there are so many amazing wall lights out there that there really is something for everyone. That is not all though. Don’t settle for a naked bulb in the center of the room when you can have drum pendants hanging from the ceiling! Don’t settle for dim and dingy when you can make it magical with fairy lights! The trick is to use lots of lamps (use energy-efficient bulbs to bring the energy bill down). Additionally, try wrapping your Christmas lights around the bannister, or using your old lava lamp in the lounge. Just whatever you do, make sure the cables are tucked away; visible cables can easily clutter and spoil the chilled vibe that you are trying to create with lamps.

There are so many things you can do to improve your home in a clever way. It doesn’t have to be expensive – some leftover paint from your parents, a cheap rug from IKEA and your Christmas lights can all be used to make your house your home. No matter how small or old it is, a few well-chosen items can make a big difference.