Affordable Holiday Destinations in the UK

Oct 26

Times here in the UK are still tough. Most of us have to worry about how we’re going to pay our bills at the end of each month, making holidays a luxury of the past.

But just because we can no longer afford that expensive trip to Spain or Italy, there are still plenty of get-away options that are relaxing, rejuvenating, closer to home and incredibly affordable.

Here are our four favourite homegrown getaways.

Poulstone Court, Herefordshire.


Poulstone Court is a meditation Retreat Centre set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. If you want to go on a break that will stay with you forever, then this is definitely the place. It is not everyone’s cup of tea: If you are in need of constant action, then Poulstone is definitely not the place for you. If, however, you are looking for a place to escape to and completely unwind in the stunning, undisturbed and slow moving countryside, then there is no better place.

Poulstone is a Retreat Venue, and is not available for drop in visits. You will need to book yourself onto a course. I recommend checking out what meditation or yoga retreats are going on.

The Tresco Island Hotel, Tresco.


Tresco is a very rare kind of Island. Part tropical-paradise in the British Isles, part traditional Cornwall-style getaway (it is a few miles off of the coast of Penzance) it truly is a haven for all things tranquil. There are no cars on the Island, so transport is strictly by foot, bicycle or golf-buggy.

For the adventurer, there is plenty to do: from visiting historical castles to water sports and mountain biking. For the peace-seeker, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. There are also some great pubs.

The Island hotel is a series of small holiday cottages on a peninsula. They are beautiful, luxurious (but not too luxurious!) and incredibly romantic. There is also a great little restaurant attached, to complement the few pubs and restaurants throughout the Island.

Lake Yurts, The Lake District.

The Lake District is a standard holiday destination for the British: a haven for natural beauty and wildlife.

Why not try the Lake District with a twist? Lake Yurts provides stunning Yurts for hire, complete with cosy wood fires, comfortable beds and, of course, unparalleled countryside

The Cotswold House Hotel, Gloucestershire.

This hotel is based in one of the most stunning, unspoiled Cotswold towns: Chipping Campden. It is a little more expensive than some of the other options but the price tag is worth the stretch (if you can). The rooms are comfortable and pretty, the food sensational and the town itself is very hard to beat for its rustic beauty. A must visit.