A Stay-In Social Life

Jul 16

When you’re trying to budget to make ends meet, one of the first things you give up are expensive nights out. Of course, when you have young children, you tend to go out in the evenings less frequently anyway, as any nights out are more expensive than they used to be as you have to factor in babysitter expenses.

But what to do when the kids are asleep and the chores are done? There are lots of ways to keep entertained at home, but one way to this and get a bit of a socialising in at the same time is to play bingo online.

What’s social about playing bingo you might ask? If you’ve only ever experienced bingo in a bingo hall, it’s a fair enough question. People expect a fair amount of ‘hush’ in a bingo hall, so that everyone can hear the number calls and concentrate on marking off their numbers wiåth their lucky dabber. So it’s not really conducive to a swinging social time. Online bingo, though, is quite different.

The game has essentially remained the same; you still choose a card for the game you want to join and wait for the game to begin. But when it does, the numbers that match the calls are marked off on your card by the software and there’s no need to concentrate.

This leaves you free to take part in the social side of bingo – enter one of the bingo chat rooms and you’ll find lots of other players who are there to have a chat and a gossip with whoever is in the room. The chat rooms are always moderated by a chat host and if things go quiet, the chat host gets people talking again by introducing a chat game where you can win bingo tickets for other games and cash prizes too.

Many people play online bingo more for the chat than the possibility of winning, and have regular nights where they play their favourite bingo games. A few hours’ entertainment can cost very little playing bingo, and at any time, you might scoop the jackpot!