A mothers tips on saving on the house budget

Jul 16

I used to think that saving money on the house was impossible becasue i’m already threadbare with my spends. Couples are often surprised by just how much it is they spend on items they could be paying a lot less for, not to mention the amount they spend on things they don’t particularly need.

If you and your partner want to save money on your household expenditures it just takes a bit of organizing, planning, and discipline. You can learn a lot with some simple assessments of your spending habits that can lead to more money in your pocket for the things you really want in life. Here are the essentials steps to saving money in your house.

Create a Budget

Start making a thorough and organized budget. It’s very simple to do: just list out all of your household expenses for one month, including entertainment and luxuries, and compare that with your total household income. This will tell you exactly how much money you’re spending in total each month, as well as the specific totals for each expense and if you have anything left-over after expenses.

Evaluate your Expenses

Once you organize a budget, you can then evaluate your expenses more closely. Are your expenses all completely necessary? Could you be spending less in certain areas? Would switching utility providers be beneficial? Are there certain luxuries or entertainment expenditures that you could reduce? These are the tough questions you need to ask yourselves when evaluating your expenses. For example, if you need to buy a car better go with a second hand Peugeot that you can easily find online at a reasonable price rather than a completely new car you can’t afford. You need to find a balance between saving and depriving yourselves of a happy life.

Plan your Future Spending

Start doing more to plan the ways you are spending your money. A great example of this is how you approach going to the supermarket. You can plan the meals you are going to eat during the week. You can make sure to use grocery store coupons. You can take advantage of sales by buying more of the things you know you’ll use. You can buy staple products in bulk or at discount stores. If you commute to work, pack a lunch instead of eating out. If you drink coffee, try drinking it at home before leaving for work instead of getting a more expensive cup on the way. Simple planning such as this will help you cut back a lot on common expenses so you can save more for the things you really want or need. Also visit free classifieds websites, like ToTheGo to take advantage of great deals on different second hand goods.

Be Thrifty

You can cut back on more than just common expenses; you can cut back on big ones too. Before going straight to a new furniture store, take a look in a free online classifieds page first. If a new car will throw the budget out of whack, try looking to buy a used car online instead. Always think of ways to be thrifty.

Be Disciplined

Once you’ve started, you need to stay strong and stick to your budget and planning. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Don’t carry a credit card, and only spend money if you actually have it to spare and you’ve made a well thought decision. Stick to your plan and you will see the results.