A Guide to Investing in Your Home for the Eco-Conscious

Jan 04

How going green can help you both save and make money

When we talk about investing in the home, we’re talking about spending on money on the house, so that it eventually increases in value to more than cover your outlay. The benefit of doing this with the environment in mind means that you’re thinking about saving energy, which in turn means saving money. In some cases, the investment won’t immediately pay for itself; part of the recouping of costs may come over time as you use less gas, water and electricity.

Save on Heating

Insulation is a major way of improving your home’s efficiency, and it should be done wherever possible. The loft will be the first thing that most people think of, and it is one of the most effective and often easiest places to insulate. Either you can have a professional come to lay down the insulation material, or you can potentially do it yourself if you’re comfortable with the process. Insulating wall cavities is also extremely useful, but you’ll need to have a specialist install the foam. You can look for an insulator expert, who can provide quality service for spray foam insulation Red Deer or elsewhere. This can save you loads of expenses spent on electricity bills and an HVAC system.

Your windows and doors can allow a huge amount of heat to escape if they aren’t of high quality. Double glazing is essential, and a well-fitted and insulating door is of great benefit too. Replacement of windows and doors is likely to be the most expensive part of eco-renovation, but it does have the bonus of immediately making your home more attractive and valuable.

Save on Water

Water-saving items can be fitted all over the home and can save money in the long term (depending on the tariff you’re on with your water company). There are many plumbing elements that can be fitted to taps, pipes, and cisterns in order to help save water without you having to cut back on when you need to use it. Dual-flush toilets are very popular, and kits can be fitted to most toilets quite easily. Most products are relatively cheap to buy and fit yourself.

Save on Electricity

Aside from being careful with usage, and choosing power-saving devices in your home, one of the main options to help save on electricity bills is to invest in a solar panel. If you make an electricity comparison nsw and other areas, you’ll see how cost-effective it is to invest in a solar panel. This is something you need to think hard about, because they are expensive to have fitted, but can be profitable in the long run. They can last for 20 years or more and they will help to power your own home, but you may also be paid for the electricity that you do not use, which is sent back into the grid through a government scheme. You should always bear in mind, however, that a government scheme may be withdrawn or changed. It is essential that you plan for your electricity needs and the output you require, so as to be on the safe side, you may want to look into having a backup generator on your property, and if anything were to go wrong, you can always call in a generator repair in Murfreesboro service or one nearer to your location, to keep your home running.

The initial outlay for some eco-improvements can be considerable, so you might have to consider secured homeowner loans as a method of financing them. One such place is https://www.nemo-loans.co.uk/apply.aspx . The investment can often outweigh even the interest charged for the loan. Keep in mind that the investment value will not be so great if you are planning a house-move, and remember that you will probably need your mortgage lender’s consent to install solar panelling