A guide on how to get out of debt while on a restricted budget

Dec 17

Operating on a limited budget can be quite stressful. This is because an individual will rarely have extra cash to spare or spoil themselves. The situation can be aggravated if you have to pay off the debt that you own. This can make an individual frustrated especially if lots of his/her earnings are used for paying loan interests. Here are ways in which you can get out of debt while living on a very restricting budget.

Have a payment plan

You must determine the amount of cash that you really owe. You should also put in writing the different lenders that you have. This will enable you to determine the debt that should be paid off first. You can do this by checking the amount of cash that you owe the loaning terms and the interest rates. You can even negotiate with some of your lenders so as to lower your payments or acquire better lending terms.

Alter past spending traditions

There are various reasons that get people into debt. Most people will have necessary and legit debts such as vehicle loans, home mortgage, or education loans. Some individuals can also get into debt through bad spending choices in their past. Ensure that you change whatever got you into debt in the first place. For example: choosing to use cash while in the stores instead of paying with your credit card. You should also research extensively to know more on how to get out of debt.

Automatic deductions

If your monthly or business income goes directly to your bank account, it is best to have automatic deductions for your debts. This will ensure that your debts are paid off immediately your income gets into your account. This will prevent you from making any excuses regarding your debt payments each month. Furthermore, it will help you avoid extreme overspending each month. Determine the exact amount of cash that you can pay off every month and set up instant deductions for your debts.

Reduce your costs

Cutting down your costs is essential if you are on a limited budget and want to get out of any debts that you have. Evaluate all your monthly expenditures and check the areas that you can change. Reducing your spending will ensure that you have more funds that you can use to reduce your debts. You can do this by avoiding eating out in the restaurants and cutting on your cable television. Even the minor cuts on your expenditure will have a big impact in the end.

Seek help

If you are overwhelmed with lots of loans, then you should get assistance from professionals. A credit counseling agency will help you know how to handle your finances and offer suggestions for moving forward. There are agencies that provide affordable or even free advice to their clients. This way, you will get advice on handling your money issues and develop a workable plan to clear all your loans on time. The best way to pay off your current debt is to ensure that you avoid sinking deeper into debt.


Lauren Cole is a renowned financial expert with more than 20 years of experience in debt relief. Visit her website to know more on how to get out of debt.