7 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Affordable

Jun 09

Many people will put off tying the knot simply because it can seem cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way! There are many ways to cut costs at your wedding while still having a spectacular celebration. So if you seriously want to have Lynchburg wedding videography on your big day, for example, you are going to need to see where you can cut back to make this happen. Included here a few ways to save money for the honeymoon while still having a wedding day memory to last a lifetime.

Think Early

Many people have a set image in their head of an evening wedding. Unfortunately, evening weddings tend to be much more expensive and more formal. By opting for an early in the day celebration, think brunch or lunch, you will likely be able to save on venue costs, as well as liquor expenses.

Limit Alcohol

An open bar is one luxury that can make your wedding cost skyrocket. By choosing to do a single signature cocktail and limiting beer and wine to items you can buy in bulk you will save greatly. Shop a local catalogue for bulk cases of wine when they go on sale.


Choose Inexpensive Entrees

By having a main course that centers around chicken or fish, you can greatly save on your dinner costs. If you have your heart set on lobster, try to serve it amidst the hors d’oeuvres instead of as the main course. Another option to consider is serving dinner family style instead of having the more expensive French service or full plate service.

Punch and Cake Reception

To eliminate the alcohol and dinner costs, consider having a mid-afternoon reception. All you will need to do is serve the cake and punch and you can keep costs very low while still entertaining guests. A benefit of this option is that you may be able to invite more people without the larger guest list becoming cost prohibitive.

Select In-Season Flowers

You may have your heart set on lilies and roses, but you may need to reconsider in order to stay budget-minded. Certain flowers are more affordable at different times of the year. Shop in-season blooms and you can save big on bouquets and centerpieces.


Consider Fruity Accents

Instead of spending lavish amounts on table centerpieces of arranged flowers, you may choose to decorate with fresh fruit. This can be a much more affordable option while still remaining incredibly beautiful. As a bonus, the fruit can be sent home with guests or donated after the ceremony.

Make Place Cards Do Double duty

No need to take the extra time and effort to design both place cards and favors. By attaching the favor to the guests’ place card, or vice versa, you can save time and effort in both endeavors. It will also be easier for the guests to simply take favor and place card home with them instead of seeking out a separate favor table after the reception.