5 Ways to Save Money on Your Lawn Care

Nov 10

Living on a budget can be a rewarding, but difficult, challenge. Regardless of your financial situation, everyone should be living on a budget that is built around their income level and needs. Unfortunately, most people ignore the necessity of money-management until they get themselves in hot water. You may find yourself creating a monthly budget because you need to save money. One of the biggest monthly expenses during warm months can be lawn care. Included here are a few ways you can save “green” while maintaining a green space.

Share a Lawn Mower

One of the most expensive lawn care items can be a good electric lawn mower. A great way to cut the cost on this necessary maintenance item is by sharing the appliance between yourself and your neighbors. Shop around for a good model and go in on it together, then split the cost of gas for the device or use your own gas for your personal lawn. You will be able to split maintenance repairs and save big on the initial purchase.

Go Artificial

You may be surprised to realize how popular artificial turf lawns are becoming. For many homeowners, artificial grass installation that is drought-tolerant is incredibly important. Some cities have begun to offer tax-breaks or refunds on the purchase of astro-turf due to its earth-friendly, water-reserving tendencies. So, it’s no surprise many homeowners are seeking out the best Synthetic Grass Suppliers in Perth! By making the commitment to artificial turf you will save money on water, fertilizer, mowing and weed control.

Water Once a Week

You may be surprised to know that most yards can do with far less water than what they are receiving. If you have ever been prone to pesky fairy rings, it is likely due to overwatering. Most grass species can survive and stay green on only one or two waterings per week. While you may have to increase the frequency of your watering during exceptionally hot months, you will likely be able to cut down a bit and save money on your monthly water bill.

Do It Yourself

The labor of a lawn care crew is definitely a luxury but not a necessity. If you are still paying for outsourced lawn care cancel your service and throw on some sunscreen. Head out into the great outdoors, your backyard, and enjoy the benefits of physical labor and vitamin D. If the pruning of foliage is out of your comfort zone, consider watching “how-to” videos on Youtube or contacting a tree pruner once per year.

Plant from Seed

Everyone loves fresh cut and blooming flowers, especially from your own landscape. However, the cost of buying starts from your local nursery can quickly add up. To save a few bucks on your home’s curb appeal, try starting your landscape from seed. It may take longer to reap rewards, but it is far more exciting to watch the plants thrive under your care!