5 Ways To Curb Air Conditioning Costs In Summers

Jul 20

You may already be making efforts to save on energy bills, but during summers you just can’t stay way of using the air conditioner. In some of the warmer areas, air conditioner use can contribute to 60-70% of total your energy bill in the summer season. This is the reason why you should be smarter with your air conditioner unit in summers and go easy on gadget energy saving overkill.

You should also be smart with who you choose to be your energy provider. Many regional energy provider websites in the U.S. and U.K, like www.shopelectricityratestexas.com and www.ukpower.co.uk, are available for rate comparison. Use them to compare prices in your location and choose an option that gives you best value for money.

Here are 5 ways you can save money on air conditioning this summer:

1. Cool the location where you’re actually present

.If you live in a double-story home and half of your family lives upstairs, you would want to keep the upstairs area more cool. This will also help in keeping the downstairs cool because cool air falls naturally.

You can program the thermostat in a way that keeps the upstairs cool and downstairs warm. However, there’s no point keeping upstairs cool if everyone is downstairs most of the time.

2. Reduce humidity

You and your family members will feel the heat at more intensity if your house is more humid. If your air conditioner is new, it may be able to eliminate the humidity inside, but an old unit may not be quite efficient at doing this.
Just like all electrical appliances, the air conditioner too might go through a certain amount of wear and tear in due course of time. The possibility of the same increases when the appliance has not been regularly maintained or checked by professional technicians. With erratic temperatures and ineffective cooling, the problem of poor HVAC humidity control crops up too. Thus, it might be of prudence to get the same checked and if need be, fixed by experts dealing with Air Conditioner Repair. You could take a peek at the website of Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions if you are on the lookout for specialist help in this regard.
However, if you currently have an old unit and do not want to invest in a new one, or are waiting for someone like this Lynchburg air conditioning repair company to come out and repair it, a good option to tackle humidity is a dehumidifier. It works well in conjunction with old units without requiring you to invest in new appliances. If you are lucky, you may be able to get a good quality one from your local thrift store.

3. Clean your air filter

An unclean filter reduces the efficiency of your unit to an extent greater than you might think. Air conditioners require a clean space of air circulation in order to work at their full potential, and a dirty filter restricts the unit from proper airflow.

The dirt captured by the elevator coil makes the system work beyond normal functioning. Dirt on blades of the blower leads to unit to consume more electricity. Therefore, it’s important that you check the air filter each month and clean/replace it when it’s dirty.

4. Raise the temperature when you’re not around

You can lower the temperature on most occasions during the day when the heat is at a peak, but the same temperature may not be required at night time or during the day when you’re at work.

By raising the temperature at times when you can do with less cooling, you’ll be able to save 10-15% on your air conditioning expenses.

5. Cool the house, not the furniture

Your furniture may be blocking the vents and you may be cooling them instead of your house. It’s time that you make sure that the cool air reaches you.

Regardless of the pieces that claim to make the air go in the right direction, you can do a little rearranging till its summer time.

These tips will make your air conditioning costs take a dip and your house will be much cooler in the end.