5 Ways Families can Save Money on their Energy Bills this Winter

Sep 29

As winter begins to approach, it’s more than likely that you’re already beginning to glance towards the thermostat. But, with energy costs as high as they are at the moment, simply putting the heating on may result in an incredibly large bill. So, because of this, you have to be a little eco-conscious. Contrary to popular belief, being eco-conscious doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands, and there are simple tips and tricks the whole family can do which will add up to a big saving. Here are just five:

  • Turn off Appliances

It may seem rather obvious, but leaving electrical appliances on standby when you do not intend to use them again for a while is quite the waste of money. It’s thought that just by switching electrical items off at the plug when not in use – such as the television at the end of an evening – could save a household around £85 per year. This might not be too much (around £7 per month), but every little helps. After all £85 is a good few Christmas presents.

  • Turn it Down 

Even turning the thermostat down by a single degree can save you around £65 per year. So, making such a small sacrifice can make a big difference. After all, one degree is nothing, and research shows that most British homes are actually overheated.

  • Wash at 30 

Turning a room down by a single degree can make a difference, but turning your washing machine’s temperature down to 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees can make a huge difference; especially if you’re a large family.

In addition to this, get the instruction booklet out and ensure you’re using eco-conscious settings. Finally, make sure that you’re only washing when the load is full.

  • Buy New Light Bulbs

Replacing your old bulbs with energy efficient ones will mean quite the saving. Plus, because your bulbs will last for years and years, you’ll be making even greater savings over the lifetime of a bulb, which could be around £60 per bulb.


  • Insulate

Finally, if you do have some money to eco-proof your home, then proper insulation is the one thing you should opt for. This can potentially save you thousands over the course of a few years, so it’s well worth investing in.

So, there we have it, 5 great ways that your family can save money on their energy bills this winter. Most come without the need to spend a single penny.