5 Tips to Lower Insurance Premiums

Oct 16

There are basically several different types of insurance premiums such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, the many different types of business insurance, and automotive insurance. All of these different types of insurance vary in price depending upon each individual’s personal circumstance. When it comes to insurance premiums, most people are looking for ways that they will end up paying less money than what they would generally for insurance which would help them to save. There are 5 tips that you can go by if you want to save on your insurance.

For this article, Homeowners’ insurance will be used as the primary example to go by. However, that is no reason to close the page because many of these tips can be used for other types of insurance, such as if you decide to get a traders insurance policy for your business. That’s because many of the factors that determine any insurance premium are the same across many policies, give or take a few specifics.

First, let’s look at the reason why you would need to pay insurance. Things happen right–it’s a part of life? Some things could occur such as natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, storms, thefts, legal troubles, and more. What if an accident occurs, would you be able to fix any damages and pay off any healthcare bills as a result?

With that being said, you now know why it is important to have insurance. Continue to read the 5 tips below on how you can save about 25% on how much you pay for insurance each year.


Basically, as a homeowner, you should take care of your home and keep up with the maintenance of it which would cause less destructive things to happen to it. If no damage is done to your home then you will not need to spend on repairs, etc. for it. The same applies to taking care of a vehicle when it comes to driving responsibly, taking care of your business property for business insurance, and taking care of your health in the case of life insurance.

Shop and Compare Rates

For any type of insurance that you might be looking for you should always shop around to see which insurance companies will be willing to offer you the lowest rates for the best insurance premium services. Sometimes if you continue each year with the same insurance company it could cause you to come out of pocket even more than what you’d like, and no one wants that.

Reduce Risks

Premiums are highly based on risk, so by taking steps to reduce risks, you can reduce your premiums. For home insurance and for automotive-related insurance policies, you should consider getting Fence Installation done as the first step, if your property doesn’t already have a sturdy fencing. The next step may be to install alarms, CCTV, and other security measures to deter burglars. Apart from these, you should have other systems such as fire alarms, sprinklers, or smoke detectors as well. These reduce risk as it shows when a fire happens the fire department can come and put the fire out before any major damage is done to your property.

Speaking of fire, there can be a myriad of reasons contributing to a fire breakout, including electrical emergencies. What is considered an electrical emergency? Tripping circuit breakers; outlets that spark when plugging into them; and fuse boxes continuously blowing fuses — these all qualify as electrical emergencies, which when neglected can become life-threatening. It is, therefore, wise to seek professional assistance in time and get these sorted. By doing so, you would be effectively mitigating risks.
Raising your Deductible

There is sometimes an option available to raise a deductible for your home, and in this case, it would cause your yearly premiums to be lowered.

Purchase Online

Buying homeowners insurance online or any other type of insurance online could have its perks, and typically online is where you will find the lowest rates on insurance premiums.

Author Bio: Jon McGreevy works at HomeownersInsurance.net an informational website about homeowners insurance which you can also find companies to provide quotes for such insurance.