5 Reasons to Invest in Silver

Jul 16

Having enough money to live comfortably is present in nearly everyone’s minds. You are constantly being bombarded with advertisements of things you “need” in your life as well as things you want. Saving money for the future will often take a backseat to the here and now gratification of modern life. Unfortunately, many people fail to save for their future or their retirement until it is too late to have enough to live comfortably. Included here are a few reasons you should take the time, and effort, to invest in silver.

Control Your Own Assets

With silver, you are not dependent on banks or regulated unions to control your money. You can store it at home in a safe and have it accessible to keep or sell at any time. While there are risks to buying and storing your own silver, many would counter they are no greater than trusting government regulated banks with the storage of your hard-earned cash.


Easy Money

When the price of silver increases, you can easily sell your silver and jump out of the business for more than you went in. With silver, it is as easy as taking your coin into a dealer and selling it for the market value. In moments of life where cash is tight, your silver can easily be turned around to work for you.

silver coins

Low Cost

The entrance cost to investing in silver is incredibly low. While the value per ounce is constantly changing, it usually averages about $20 per piece. When looking at investments that require a $5,000 deposit buy-in it is easy to see that getting started with silver is far more cost-effective for those living paycheck to paycheck. Investing in silver is completely dependent on how much money you have on-hand and not on any set requirements. For instance, you can go online and look to buy a silver coin if you feel like you could have some return in the future.

Easy to Sell

One of the problems with CD savings accounts or stock market investments is the difficulty you may face when trying to get to your money. You can be penalized for withdrawing from your CD account early and you may run into snags trying to sell stocks. With silver, there are no penalties or any losses like when the stock market drops. You are playing with far less risk financially and can be certain your coins will retain value.

Worldwide Value
Silver is a precious metal that has value unto itself. It is not like the dollar in the U.S. that simply holds value as a piece of paper because society says it does. Worldwide precious metals like silver are recognized for their value and will always be sellable and worth owning. Because of this, you do not have to worry about the dollar crashing and you losing all of your assets; silver will still hold value and be tradeable for food and goods.