5 Key Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms for your business

Feb 21

Data security is a great concern to all organizations. Gone are days when computer’s hard drives were considered as the safest ways of storing information. With many prying eyes out there and advancement in technology, there has been a great need to have the most reliable ways of sharing and storing data. The introduction virtual data rooms (VDR), it has been a game changer in the way data is stored and shared. VDR is indeed one of the most secure ways of sharing and storing data. It is an online file storage that is easy to access, more reliable and well organized. 

Virtual data rooms cannot compare to the traditional repositories. They come with numerous benefits that have made their application expand significantly in the recent years. Here are the 5 main benefits of virtual data rooms:

1. Security of data sharing and store data
With the virtual data rooms, you are guaranteed a secure platform where you can share and store data. The software provides access to the approved entrants only as compared to physical data room or the hard drives. What makes this platform even more unique and credible is that it creates archives of all the log entries and exit times. It makes it possible to monitor who accessed data when they did it and for how long. VDR also enable the owner of the data to set privileges and also revoked them at any time if necessary.

In the case of sensitive data, some of the users can be limited from accessing certain information. Such controlled access makes it possible to secure information from unauthorized users as compared to most forms of the tradition repositories.

2. Provides information at your fingertips
Gone are days when you had to carry along flash disks and hard copies for information. Imagine if any of them get lost or stolen? Such data storages are considered obsolete with the introduction of the visual data rooms. With VDR, you have all the information at your fingertips. You only need the internet connection to access this information. You can access information while you are on the go since there is no geographical limitation to information. As long you have the internet, you only need the login information.

3. Hi speed and better control
Time is a critical factor, particularly when it comes to business. How quickly you do a transaction is very essential, and it has a lot to do with the speed at which you access the necessary information. With the VDR, you can access data within a stroke of a second as compared to tradition repositories. The speed is impressive. You only need an internet connection to have all the information you need on your hands.

The VDR also provides one of the best data access control system as compared to most of the traditional. Once the hard copies have been transferred to the VDR, the owner of the data can make rights to individual users. This makes sure that no one can access information that they were not authorized to.

4. Accountability and transparency
The reputation of any business depends on its accountability and transparency. No serious investor, client or customer will be interested in an organization with a questionable reputation. Information sharing is a key factor in this. With the VDR, it allows you to provide the needed information while still maintaining privacy. All the information can be accessed in one location, and this makes your company appear trustworthy and transparent. A quality virtual data room allows for quick locating of information requested and provided it promptly.

The best thing about VDR is that information cannot be changed without alerting you. The feedback mechanism enables you to authorize any changes made on the data. Such update keeps your data safe from possible unauthorized alterations.

5. Data preservation
The safety of your data is not only from prying eyes. Data should also be protected from possible accidental destruction. Paper files, flash disks, and hard drives can get lost or get destroyed easily. With the VDR, data is digitally stored, and there is no way that you can lose it. There is no way that data in VDR will get destroyed accidentally since the owner must authorize any changes. Unlike the tradition repositories such paper files that could decay with time, this is not the case with digital storing. With virtual data storage, information will always remain the way it was stored.