4 Ways to Utilize the Internet To Save Money as a Business

Aug 09

These days, small businesses are exceedingly strapped for cash and resources. Being able to lower costs and increase revenue is critical for the success of the business. But how can this be feasibly done? With the increasing accessibility and cost-effectiveness of the internet, there are growing ways of saving money online. Included here are a few ways you can utilize the internet as a tool to save your business money.

Have Your Employees Telecommute

It is indisputable that the overhead costs of a building for your employees could be the downfall of your company. Real estate costs and fees for businesses have been estimated at as high as $11,000 per employee; if possible, have your employees telecommute. They will save on travel expenses and you will lose a significant portion of overhead costs. Just remember that some of your employees may not have reliable internet or any internet at all, so you might need to invest in home wi-fi for them. You will need to shop around to find the best deal but you will also need to ensure download speeds are fast. Often, it is better to go with a local provider than a big corporate as they have more expertise when it comes to your area. The San Francisco Bay area, for example, is well served by a variety of sonic internet plans that you might want to choose from. By choosing the right provider, what you lose in wifi expenses you will make up for by having no need for an office, so it pays to choose wisely!


Cut Conventional Advertising Methods

The days of advertising in the paper are dying out quickly. Unless you know you are pitching to a specific market group that is likely to read the paper, cut out this unnecessary funding. Utilize online means for marketing like social media or blogging.It is far more cost-effective and can reach an increasing number of clientele.

Another place those advertising budgets get used up is in the realm of mailed coupons. Consider doing emailed advertisements instead of printed ones. You will be more green and earth-friendly while saving your own pennies.


Employees are a necessary expense in the business industry, but do you find yourself paying out excessive amounts of money to people who are not worth their weight? If you have too many employees for the slower seasons, consider cutting down and outsourcing. Utilize independent contractors for the few weeks or months when you have extra work and cut them loose when things slow down. You will save yourself large amounts of money in insurance and employee costs while being able to run efficiently.


Live in the Cloud

These days nearly every business has to employ their own IT specialists to work on in-house software. What if you could cut the costs of all of that hard and software while removing an employee’s salary? You would be sure to save some money and have less clutter around your office space. Try utilizing the cloud for storage and pay just a yearly fee per user. You will negate the constant drip of pennies into your systems and into employees that can be extraneous most of the time.


The internet has brought a slew of solutions and benefits to its users in recent years. Your business can gain popularity and success simply by utilizing this technological advance. Consider increasing your internet usage and you may see a significant difference in that bottom line.