4 Fantastic Honeymoon Locations under $2,500

May 22

You have already gone all out on the expense of having a wedding; the only thing you want to do now is go relax on some beach with your loved one. Sip on some champagne by the beach and find a nice hotel room to enjoy some quality time with your significant other (make use of some pheromones perfume to make your honeymoon more interesting!) during this time! You could also indulge in some outdoor activities, involving you and your partner, if you want to burn some calories.

Unfortunately, honeymoons can be expensive and you may find yourself running low on funds. In order to generate enough cash to have a relaxing week, or two, with your new spouse, you will need to visit a location that may be less expensive than others. Fortunately, there are many available options to keep the romance alive and offer some relaxation.



One of the foremost locations for adventurous couples, Belize offers a wonderful blend of Caribbean beauty while holding with lower cost Mexican resorts. Flying into Belize City will allow you to enjoy the jungle with all of its mystery and vivacity. There are options to stay in romantic, thatch-roofed villas for less than $200 a night. You will have the opportunity to view the Five Sisters Waterfalls, Caye Caulker Islands or the famous barrier reef (second longest in the world). Cozy cabanas on Caye Caulker can go for as little as $59 per night!

Dublin, Ireland


If the city is more your preference, visiting Dublin may be just your style. With affordable rooms around $150 per night, you can stay close to downtown within walking distance of food, entertainment and sports. There is ample fresh seafood in Dublin as well as plenty of historic charm. A visit to the 1916 Walking Rebellion Tour will cost you less than $20 per person. Keep in mind the weather in Dublin can be exceedingly temperamental, so bring supplies for rain and sun.



One of the most affordable beach honeymoon locations, Aruba is a lesser known beauty. Most hotel rooms will cost you less than $300 a night, with beautiful coastal views and beach access. There is plenty of beautiful seafood being roasted up and lots of recreational opportunities. Aruba is famous for its secluded Natural Pool lagoon, a romantic site for snorkeling and swimming. There are also countless options to visit historical locations, go horseback riding or take an undersea submarine tour.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


A more rustic option for the outdoorsman, Jackson Hole is renowned for its beautiful views and cozy charm. Many rooms can be found for under $200 in the summer months, but rates spike in the winter. There is no shortage of fine dining options, including a restaurant featuring a James Beard award-winning chef. One beautiful, affordable option is to head up into the mountains via the Bridger Gondola. Ski season peaks during the winter, but summer offers whitewater rafting. If you enjoy hiking, biking or any outdoor activities, this may be just the affordable honeymoon you are looking for!