15 Great Ways Your Website or Blog Can Make You Money

Dec 17

For you to monetize your blog and start making a good income monthly, your blog has to be capable of attracting a good number of visitors per day. There are many strategies available for monetizing blogs. You will find some of them applicable to your type of blog, and others you might not want to use because they might not be in theme with what your blog is about. They include:

  1. Using Google AdSense

Most website and blog owners shy away from using Google AdSense because they feel it might diminish the user experience. This doesn’t need to be a concern because you can add Google AdSense to your site without taking value from the experience. There are agencies that can be found through search terms similar to google ads auckland, for example, that might be useful in helping you make sense of managing this part of google.

Place one ad in a prominent position and place other ads in a place that is removed from all your other content. This way, you will make money from your ads without disrupting your readers.

  1. Sidebar links

Every page of your blog has a side bar. All these sidebars can serve as a tool for generating more revenue. Add link categories to your sidebar, linking your readers to other sites that you are promoting.

For instance, if you have been promoting Amazon and you want to get more readers to go and have a look, you can provide a link on the sidebar that takes them straight to Amazon, and earn your commissions this way.

  1. Deep-links to other products

Deep linking involves providing links to specific products for which you are sharing content. Let’s say you are sharing content about a specific mobile phone brand, and then you link to that specific phone on Amazon. This will generate more traffic to that brand on Amazon and you will get paid commissions for any sales that originate from your site.

  1. Localize your links

When you link to e-commerce sites such as Amazon, you risk isolating a big portion of the market. If, for instance, you link to amazon.com only, you will only target US customer traffic.

But if you add links to Amazon UK, you will take advantage of customers who shop in the Amazon UK market and increase your traffic. The more the traffic, the more the sales, and the more you get paid.

  1. Sell your products

You can make even more money by selling your own products. After you gain the trust of your blog visitors, they will start to trust your expertise and they will be more inclined to buy the products that you are marketing.

  1. Use of promotional boxes

Promotional boxes are a great way to capture the attention of visitors and make them buy. As long as you promote content that visitors will find relevant, this strategy will work wonders for you.

Your promotional box should be very well targeted if it’s to make money. If your website is marketing to men, it might not help you much to put a promotional ad on your blog about diapers. While men love their babies and will usually take part in buying baby supplies at home, they probably don’t want to see diapers on a site with men’s products.

  1. Get better paying affiliate programs

Affiliate programs have varied commission potential. Companies such as Amazon have a vast reach across numerous platforms mainly because of these marketing strategies which include the usage of affiliate links (read more on https://serp.co/amazon/amazon-marketing-strategy/). You might have to take less commission to start with, but as you progress, do some research into the commission you will get with each affiliate link. This process takes patience as the programs that offer good commissions are very competitive. You could even see if your blog would be suitable for a niche blogger outreach service where companies pay you to advertise their products.

  1. Pop-ups

You can add pop-ups to your website or blog so that every time a visitor logs into your site, a pop-up comes up to grab their attention. Pop-ups should be targeted at driving customers to the one product or service you want to promote the most. Your pop-ups can link to your affiliate sites or to your own products.

  1. ‘Donate’ button

Some websites add a ‘donate’ button to prompt customers who have a relationship with the site to donate money to maintain the site or simply as a token of appreciation. This may not be the best strategy to use, but it has worked for others, and it may work for you.

  • Get visitors to subscribe

A great way to maintain contact with visitors to your site is by collecting their email addresses. Get visitors to subscribe to your site and this will enable you to keep them updated with your latest offerings. With this strategy, you can easily generate revenue from repeat visitors.

  • Product promotion via email

By promoting targeted products through email, you focus your ‘call to action’ to a specific product, and are likely to get more sales than if you were just directing customers to a whole website where they have to search for a product they are interested in.

  • Get paid for email advertising

Many brands will be happy to pay you to advertise for them. You can provide this service and make extra money through it. The fact is, you have taken time to cultivate your email list and it’s only fair that brands pay to gain access to it.

  • Reviews

You can generate a lot of revenue through product reviews. The potential for income will depend on the number of product reviews you write and the commissions offered per review. Try writing product reviews for some products and see how it works for you.

  • Sponsored competitions

A brand can decide to donate some products for you to give away for free as prizes for competitions you run on your blog. The ripple effect of such competitions is that you will attract so much traffic to your site, and even the visitors who don’t win will be compelled to buy.

If you are promoting the product through an affiliate link, this will mean more commissions for you.

  • Sponsored posts

Yet another way to make money is through sponsored posts. You can partner with businesses who can pay you for posting their content on your website. This is an easy way to make money, especially when you consider that you don’t have to write the content yourself. All you have to do is to allow a brand to use your space.

If you have a website, you can start taking advantage of the methods discussed above and increase your monthly income significantly.

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