Incredible Attic Finds That Could Make You Money

Jun 19

Everyone has read a story of someone discovering something in their attic that turns out to be valuable. Some families will only find junk or perhaps some items of sentimental value. But on occasion something wonderful will turn up. If your family has been in the same house for generations or you think previous owners could have left something behind, you might find something that will earn you some money. Or perhaps you might have possessions you’ve forgotten about that have gained value since you first bought them. Check out your attic to see if you have any of these potential money makers.

Vintage Clothes

Vintage is so in right now, and some clothing items can fetch big bucks with the right people. If you have clothes in your attic, perhaps from your parents or grandparents, you could find some valuable pieces. Anything with an attractive name on it could help you, and there will be particular styles that are in fashion too. You might even discover something special like a wedding dress. If you find a collection of clothes, do your research by reading different vintage clothing guides and having a look at what’s currently selling.

Coins and Other Collections

Many people start up a collection of something during their lives, whether it’s as a child or an adult. From coins and stamps to Pokemon cards, the right collection could fetch a pretty penny. Even if the large proportion of a collection isn’t worth much, there could be a gem contained within it that makes it worth it. Coins can be one of the best collectors items to profit from, and dealers such as Atlantagoldandcoin will value them and buy them from you. Whether you have a coin collection or something else, do your research so that you don’t get ripped off or expect more than you’ll get.

2134541060_18b6f37f0c_zCraig Dugas

Vintage Tech

You might have heard the recent story about someone who dropped off a rare vintage Apple computer at a charity. If you have a pile of old technology in your attic, make sure it isn’t worth anything before you recycle it or throw it away. You could have a computer, a games console or another collector’s item that someone will be more than willing to buy from you. It should be easy to use the internet to look up different manufacturers and models, but you can seek expert help if you need it.


It’s not just fine jewelry that could make you some money. If you’re lucky enough to discover something special, you could bring in a nice sum of cash. But if you only find a pile of costume jewelry, don’t throw it away or send it to a charity immediately. You could discover some trendy pieces that fit current styles. Putting them on a site like eBay could fetch you a nice bit of money, depending on their condition, designer, and age.

You never know if your attic might be hiding some valuable treasures that could boost your savings. Don’t throw anything away without checking to see if it could make you some money first.