How To Use Checks To Save Cash     

Jun 24

You’re on a budget. And you’ve written a budget. But for some reason, you just can’t stay on your budget. You’re a slave to credit card, impulse cash buys, and online spending sprees. The money is available, so you just can’t stop from dipping into it. For all of these habits, there is a way out!

And that way, believe it or not, is through the use of checks and a checking account. Read the following five steps and you’ll begin to understand the method behind the madness.

Get Updated Checks First            

Before you can do anything in the cash saving endeavor, though, you need to order checks. These should be the manual kind, but you can order from a place that has security features and happy graphics on the paper as well. It’s not a bad idea to have checks that have your most recent address as well, too. These can be either for your business or for personal use, but for the cash-saving method, personal use checks make the most sense in this case.


Get a Bank Account Organized               

And now that you have a checkbook ready, or perhaps when you’re getting it ready at the same time, organize a separate money-saving checking account. This is where you’re going to put all of your money in that isn’t directly related to bills that you know you have to pay monthly. This is your extra money, your fun money, and splurging money. This is also the money that you have had trouble saving in the past.

Lock Your Credit Cards Up            

It’s time to say goodbye to the credit cards. If you can’t use them intelligently or wisely, then you need to put them somewhere that you can’t get ahold of them. That may mean simply giving them to your significant other. It may mean that you have to cut them up, or even cancel them. It all depends on your level of use of them. Research healthy credit card habits during this part of the money-saving method as well.


Make Bad Habits Harder

So, to make your bad habits harder, you want to keep yourself away from physically using cash or credit cards. There is a whole habit system you can follow to help you with this part. And you know what happens when you have no access to cash and credit, but you do have access to your checkbook? You find out it’s a pain to write checks, which makes you think more about why you’re spending money in the first place!

Make Good Habits Easier

The good habit in question here is making the right decisions with money. Because impulse spending becomes harder as the only way to spend is though a physical check, that means that you’ll be saving a ton of money simply because it’s annoying to use them! Such a simply method with such great results!