Jan 27

Sometimes the hardest part is saving money. This step-by-step guide to saving money can help you develop a simple and realistic plan to save for goals, big or small.

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7 Smart Ways to Save Money with Coupon Deals

Jan 04

Whenever we hear the word coupon, it does not sound appealing all the way given the much negativity about coupons out there. One way to go about saving money through coupons is to forget the existing stereotypes and find brilliant ways to speedily and effectively what coupons you might be interested in. just remember this, if you don’t actually utilize each of the items you purchased then you haven’t really saved as much as you thought you had. If you find a balance between the true cost of what you are buying and what you really need it for, then a coupon can be worth it

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Know Your Money Saving Options on Healthcare

Jun 14

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One of the biggest letdowns in the world of health insurance was the Affordable Care Act which was enacted in 2010. Being a questionable legacy of the Obama administration, the ACA failed miserably at providing affordable health insurance to the masses. Since a new administration took office, the individual mandate has been repealed (yet still in force in 2018) and in 2019 the business mandates will be repealed as well.

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Can you save money by not ordering a building survey?

Oct 23

Getting a building survey during the home buying process isn’t a mandatory stage, although there are many who feel it should be. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors states that “on average, homebuyers spend £5,750 on repairs once moved into their new home”.

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Now it’s March, are you on target for this years budget?

Mar 07

The most common New Years resolution for people is to try and spend less in the coming year, and budget themselves. We all know it’s easy to make them but sometimes a little hard to stick to. Winter doesn’t leave a lot of options for cheap social activities with the kids, and we all know that food shopping goes up in the colder months because we all want ‘Winter warmers’ for dinner. Before you know it, Christmas comes around and despite all of your best intentions, you haven’t actually saved or started your shopping early. So how are you for this years budget, and how will you ever know? Thankfully, there are plenty of budgeting tools that can help you manage and analyse your budget.

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How Your SME Can Invest in Precious Metals

Nov 10

There are many good reasons for individuals and companies to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals. It provides less risk than investing in other commodities such as stocks and property, there are many safe ways to store it and with prices changing all the time making a profit can happen at any moment.

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