3 Step Guide To Saving Money As You Shop

Jun 28

The cost of modern life is very high, so we all want to find little ways in which to save money here and there. By making just a few small changes, you can find yourself saving hundreds of pounds every month. So follow this step by step guide if you want to know the easiest ways for your family to save money while shopping:

Step 1: Special Offers

When you go for your weekly shop, look out for products on special offer. You can probably do an entire shop just buying the things on offer or part of a deal. And nowadays, you don’t even have to step out when you can order it all online from the comfort of your home. Look for things like price reductions or ‘three for two’ offers to help you save money while shopping. It doesn’t just have to be for food shopping too, look out for these offers when you’re buying new clothes, shoes, household essentials, personal care items (like here at The Cleaning Collective) or even electronics and toys for that matter. Moreover, lots of stores will constantly have items on sale. With some e-stores, you can save up to 6% on bulk purchases for everyday use through special buyer accounts (also called business accounts in some cases). That way, you can buy to your heart’s desire, and save money at the same time!


(Image Source: https://goo.gl/g8SPrT)

Step 2: Brands

We all wish we could win the lottery and become rich and live a life of luxury. We’re at home every week checking the Euro Millions results with our fingers crossed. More often than not, it isn’t our day, so our dreams of luxury have to be just that, dreams. Which means we should stop buying expensive branded products if we can’t afford them. Some food brands cost twice as much as the store brand but taste exactly the same. Obviously, there are certain products, like toilet paper, where buying branded may be essential. But a lot of them are the same and could save us lots of money if we bought them instead of the big brands.

Step 3: Coupons/Vouchers

Have a browse online before you start shopping. You can find websites that have voucher codes for certain shops/online stores. You could end up saving huge amounts of money just by using a voucher code or a coupon. They’re especially common for online stores, particularly if you’re a new customer. If you’re using a store for the first time, I’d always advise you to check if there’s a code for new users to get money off their first purchase. But, even if you’re going down to your local shop you can find vouchers you can print out and use at the checkout for money off. Also, do your food shop in places that offer you money back over a period of time, like Tesco. Tesco gives you ‘clubcard‘ points that eventually add up and can be transferred into vouchers for money off your next shop.

Just using these three simple steps can majorly cut the cost of your shopping. You may not be happy with choosing to switch to store brand stuff, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. As I said, we can dream of winning the lottery all we want, but until we do, we have to live accordingly. Even if these steps only save you 20 a week, that adds up to 80 a month and 960 a year!