Saving Money on Car Insurance

Jun 30

Saving Money on Car Insurance

Insurance is one heck of a racket. Consumers pay millions of dollars each year to protect their things just in case something bad happens. Most often it never does. But they still pay just to be safe because what if it did. Insurance is unfortunately one of life’s necessities. There are ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your insurance products.

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Why You Need Life Insurance and How to Save On it

Sep 28

Why You Need Life Insurance and How to Save On it

If you’re a parent, you look after your kids by feeding, clothing and protecting them. You might not view it as such, but a good life insurance policy forms part of that care. If you worry that you can’t afford one because you’re broke, the good news is that you can prevent wasting money on insurance in similar ways that you cut costs on other bills. Here are some tips to help you get started.

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How I Get the Best Deals on My Car Insurance, Every Time

Jan 14

How I Get the Best Deals on My Car Insurance, Every Time

Car insurance is something all drivers need to have, but paying it off can be a painful experience. Whether you decide to pay it all off at once or go for the monthly repayments, getting the cost as low as possible is at the top of everybody’s priority list. 3 factors that lower car insurance that you can’t change are age, amount of years no claims, and the amount of experience you have. The following ideas will help you to lower your insurance the best you can:

Put Some Thought into the Model of Your Car

Don’t just go out and buy the nicest car you see. Sure, you’ll be driving round in a cool motor. But have you even considered how much this will cost you in insurance? Research insurance premiums for different models before making your decision. There’s no point spending all that money on a car if you can’t afford the insurance!

Consider Adding a More Experienced Driver

In many cases, adding more drivers on to your policy needlessly will make your premiums go up. However, if you’re a fairly new, young driver, adding somebody more experienced could make your premiums go down. You’ll need to experiment with this though to see if it actually works. Make sure you tell the truth over who is the main driver and who is an additional driver, otherwise your insurance could be void. Plus, if you only put yourself down as a named driver, you won’t get any no claims bonuses!

Protect Your No Claims Bonus

Once you’ve started driving, you need to do everything you can to protect your no claims bonus. It’ll only cost a small amount on top, and it’s worth it compared to what it can save you over the course of your driving life. If you don’t protect your no claims bonus, it can be taken away even if you have an accident that wasn’t your fault. Don’t risk it!



Add Extra Security Features

Consider adding extra security features to your car to make the insurance premiums go down. The safer your car is in general, the cheaper your insurance will be as people will have a tough time stealing it.

Shop Around

Don’t just take the easy route and renew your insurance with your old provider. You need to shop around if you want to find the best deals. Make a note of all of the quotes you’ve had, then call your current insurer and see if they can match or beat your quote. This will be easier than swapping over insurers.

Have a Higher Excess (Only if you can Afford it)

How much could you realistically afford to pay if you were to be in a car accident or something went wrong? Consider setting a higher excess for yourself, but bear in mind that you will have to pay it if anything should happen. Don’t be silly with the price you set!

Try to Pay it Off at Once

If you can pay all of the money off at once, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run. While paying monthly is often easier, you’ll be paying more interest and admin fees. Try to save up a few months before your insurance is due so you can pay the absolute best price out there.

Don’t Drive as Much

If you can walk sometimes instead of drive, then do so. People who drive less automatically have lower premiums, as they are at less risk of being in an accident. Make sure you’re honest about the amount you drive though; if you carry on driving the same miles and lie about it to your insurance company, your policy is void.

Keep Your Car in a Safe Place

If you have a garage, make sure you keep your car inside of it. The place you keep your car at night can affect the price you pay. If you leave it in a public carpark or on the street, your payments will be higher as your car is at more of a risk. A private carpark, a garage, and even on your drive is the best place to keep your car.

Sign up to be a Blackbox Driver

Blackbox drivers need to be confident in their driving abilities. This box that’s fitted to the car is designed to monitor the driver’s habits, and the insurance premiums are reduced or increased as a result. If you’re a very safe driver, you could get much cheaper premiums this way.

Take Extra Driving Courses

Consider taking extra courses to improve your skills and get your insurance premiums down. It’ll cost you a little money up front, but it’ll be worth it when you’re paying less for insurance. You could take a motorway driving course, and a pass plus course for instance.



Don’t Have Features You Don’t Need

Don’t have features on your policy that you don’t need. The idea is to have a policy with all of the features you need at the best price. That means looking for a policy that is the best value for money, and not the cheapest or the one with the best features.

Buy Online

Buying online is often cheaper for a lot of drivers, as processing the application is easier and cheaper. Instead of ringing up or doing it in person, always browse online. Check this site first before looking at the rest.

Avoid Modifications

Adding modifications to a car can make it look better and sometimes even perform better. However, this isn’t a good idea if you want to keep your premiums low. The more modifications you have, the more expensive your premiums will be.

I make sure I follow most of these rules when it’s time for me to renew, and I always get the best possible price. It goes without saying that you should also be a safe driver to avoid having accidents and having to pay more. Let me know if there’s anything else you do to lower your premiums; I’d love to hear it!


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Care in the home and independence

Jul 13

Care in the home and independence

With a rapidly aging population and a shortfall in accommodation many people are concerned about housing options in later years. They will want to make sure they are safe in their property and will receive care, if necessary


Care and support in the home


Whether you are in your own home and need Orwell Housing Care Services to come to visit you on a daily basis or you are looking for somewhere that is going to offer you safety, then a housing association should be the first organisation on your list. The care and support that is on offer can be tailored around you and your needs; it may just be someone coming to visit you regularly to administer medication and help with your daily needs or permanent assisted housing.


Helping the elderly


As the population grows so does the number of older people in our society. There are an estimated 10 million people over 65 in the UK today and it is estimated that this number will double by 2050. Better medical procedures and new drugs means everyone is living longer. The need for better care in the community is being met by housing associations across the country. Many older people have lived in their own home for many years; therefore to look after them at home makes life easier and more comfortable for the person needing care.


Supported housing and meeting friends


There are many different types of housing available for people with varying needs; it is estimated that there are 1.5 million people in the UK with learning disabilities many of who lead normal lives and hold down a job. One way for people to be cared for is in a sheltered housing scheme where they can be reassured of meeting new friends and also know they will be looked after by professional carers.


Helping the homeless or abused


If you are facing homelessness or are already alone and desperate then Temporary Supported Housing (TSH) may be the answer to your problems. Many housing associations provide short-term help to those who have become homeless or have suffered some form of abuse. Figures released in 2013 shows that 34,080 households with children were classed as homeless and 76,790 families were also living in temporary accommodation. If you find yourself in a sheltered housing scheme you will be given help from dedicated staff and given the opportunity to move forward with your life.

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Shoes, Wonderful Shoes: Money Saving Tips for Stepping Out in Style

Feb 12

Shoes, Wonderful Shoes: Money Saving Tips for Stepping Out in Style

If you’re like many women, shoes are one of your favourite accessories. They almost always fit, they go with every outfit, and you can use them to express your style. But sometimes you can be left wishing your shoes were a bit friendlier to your wallet. Fortunately, there are ways to find great deals on shoes, so you can stock up on your favourite trends and styles on a dime.


Off-Season Shopping 


One of the most commonly known ways of saving money on your shoe shopping is to purchase shoes off-season. Wait until the very end of the season, or purchase well into the next season. That way, you’ll always be stocked up on your favourite styles and trends, but you’ll have purchased them at drastically lower prices. For instance, if you see a fall fashion you absolutely love, wait until you’re into winter before you purchase them. Then, the shoes will be drastically discounted, but still fashionable.


Classic Styles 


Purchasing shoes in classic styles can ensure your shoes will go with everything. By owning a few classic shoe styles, you will need fewer pairs of shoes, and can save money. Another reason that buying classic styles can result in lower prices is that the stores know those items are always in season. Instead of having to drive up prices to sell shoes that are the “fashion of the week”, so to speak, they can keep a relatively low price year-round, knowing that the shoes will sell. A classic knee-high, low-heel boot is always in style, as is the classic pump in neutral tones.


Colour Me Trendy 


Feel free to buy colourful shoes if that’s your style. Brighter colours tend to have some of the best deals, as unusual colours need to be moved through the selling process and out of stores much faster than neutrals, which can be sold any time of year. Having classic cuts in brilliant colours you wear often can help you stand out and stay fashionable on a budget. Having classic colours like red, blue, pink, and green are always good, but feel free to get as unique as you want.


Sign Up for Newsletters 


Most designers, stores, and brands have newsletters you can sign up for. These emails come straight to you when new products release, and often give you the first go at sales and deals. By getting in on sales early, you can usually find your size and preferred style, and save money doing so. Newsletters usually send out coupons, coupon codes, and secret sales to their followers and subscribers, giving you access to some great deals that others don’t necessarily have the opportunity to capitalise on.


Rewards and Bonuses


If there are brands, designers, or stores you shop often, you might be able to sign up for a rewards or bonus programme. Sometimes you are rewarded for shopping a store often, other times you are offered rewards or discounts on multiple-item purchases, and sometimes you are offered other types of deals for being a frequent shopper. Finding cheap shoes doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favourite stores and designers, it just means you have to seek out the right rewards programmes and discounts in order to find amazing prices.

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Shopping Wisely for Car Insurance

Dec 17

Shopping Wisely for Car Insurance

Car insurance is fast becoming a major yearly expense, and prices are going up considerably for women, so it really does pay to shop around when looking for it. There can be hundreds and even thousands of pounds difference between quotes, so finding the right one is definitely worth the time it takes.

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